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The health code of lips, untie it together

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many people have heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul. In fact, not only the eyes, but also the lips are important bulletin boards for health. The lips will reveal a lot of health information. Let's learn the health code of lip talk.


health code for lip language

1. Do your lips often dry and peel?


lip peeling shows that your body is very short of water and can not meet the water protection of lip skin. But sometimes dry lips are not only caused by the climate, but also many oral and dental diseases can lead to dry lips and cheilitis. What about


? Lip gloss is only an external function, and can not play a very good role, from the internal conditioning. Therefore, when replenishing water in winter, we should also pay attention to oral cleaning, so as to effectively prevent dry lips. If the chapped and scab symptoms of the lip do not heal for a long time, go to the hospital in time, find out the cause as soon as possible and treat the symptoms. Don't lick your mouth often in daily life. Lip skin is easy to dehydrate, so people always lick it, which leads to a bad cycle of licking and drying. Eat more juicy fruits or vegetables. The juice in this plant is different from the water we drink every day and is easier to be used by our body. If, in addition to peeling, there are symptoms of skin itching, it may be a lack of vitamin B2. B vitamins can be supplemented appropriately to alleviate lip peeling.

2. Will you turn into "crack girl"? There are many reasons for the cracking of


lips. In addition to the dry weather and lack of water in the body, there are also fire and lack of vitamins in the body. Blindly replenishing water will increase the burden on the kidney. For people who often crack their mouths inexplicably, even laughter will become a luxury, not to mention eating Big Macs. And it is easy to crack again and again in the process of healing. Many people think it was caused by "getting angry". In fact, most of the cracking and bleeding at the corners of the mouth are due to angular stomatitis, commonly known as "rotten corners of the mouth", which is a high incidence of oral diseases in autumn and winter. What about


? Pay attention to dietary balance and strengthen nutrition. Eat more foods rich in B vitamins, such as animal liver, lean meat, poultry eggs, milk, bean products, carrots, fresh green leafy vegetables, etc. No partial eclipse, no picky eater. Protect facial skin, keep lips clean and sanitary, and wipe your mouth in time after eating. When cooking, pay attention to prevent the loss of vitamins. Don't over wash the rice. Wash the vegetables first and then cut them. Put them into the pot as soon as possible after cutting them. Add some vinegar when cooking. Once you get angular inflammation, you can smear some lipstick or anti cracking oil, add vitamin B2, local can be coated with ice boron powder or Yunnan Baiyao. In case of erosion and inflammation, seek medical attention in time.

3. What color is the best lip color?

healthy lips should be light red, round and full without dryness, without ulcer, cracking and herpes. If your lip color is often crimson, your body is always in a state of "getting angry", and the more the color develops towards crimson, the greater the fire in your body. Sometimes accompanied by toothache, headache, dizziness, constipation, yellow urine and other symptoms. Purple lips are usually the manifestation of blood stasis, and are often accompanied by chest tightness and chest pain. What about


? Reduce the intake of spicy food, sugar, chicken and mutton. They will only produce more energy, make your body more angry, and lead to more crimson lips. Do not take supplements containing ginseng, jujube and other substances, otherwise it is easy to add fuel to the fire. Fruits and vegetables are still very important. We must eat more. The richer the color, the better. What is the health password for


lips? Everyone must know enough about it. The health of lips can not be ignored. We should find abnormalities in time and improve the bad state of lips as soon as possible.

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