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Uncover the secrets of moisturizing and oil control in summer

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in summer, no matter what occupation, women spend almost most of the day in the air-conditioned room. How can your skin stand such dryness and not turn into a dry apple without water after summer? If you want your skin to be non greasy and moist in summer, all you have to do is find the balance between water and oil.


12 hour daytime battle field


every time the temperature decreases by 1 ℃, the air humidity will decrease by 4%, and the sebum secretion will also decrease by 10%. It is not difficult to imagine the extent to which the skin's water retaining effect will be weakened when sitting in an air conditioner with a temperature about 10 ℃ lower than the outdoor temperature every day. Therefore, some statistics point out that in the air conditioning room, just the face will lose 50 ml of water in an hour. After sitting down for 12 hours, almost a bottle of mineral water will slip away from our face. If you count the whole body, the water volume of 1 ~ 2 liters is almost as much as a large bottle of coke. If we don't replenish water inside and outside at any time, the term "air drying" will be very appropriate to describe our skin state. Therefore, the 12 hours of the day should start from every minute of the morning grooming and preparation, so that the balance of victory will never tend to shine.

6-minute bottom in the morning

6-minute bottom in the morning: the morning skin care process is the key to win the victory of the whole day. It only takes 6 minutes to easily win the first round of daytime challenge in the air conditioning room.

1 minute cleansing:

the skin is not dry or tight all day. Start with a mild morning cleansing. In order to remove the greasy feeling and accelerate the metabolism of cutin, many people choose to choose more powerful cleansing products in summer, which is indisputable. But the skin in the morning is not too rich in grease and keratin to be cleaned. Cream or gel cleansing products have already been able to meet the demand. If you only love the cool and refreshing feeling, you can choose a mild cleansing product with essential oils such as mint and lemon as the morning call to wake up the skin.

1 minute cream:

, a moisturizing cream with good moisturizing effect, is the key to winning, and also the focus of many people's search year after year. Good summer face cream needs to have the following three characteristics. First, the natural texture is light, gel or gelatin cream is just for summer, and it is also cream and thin. The second is the balance of oil and water. What kind of texture should be chosen depends on the characteristics of the skin. If it is very dry, choose a cream that contains a certain amount of oil to help lock water. People who have strong sebum secretion are naturally ideal. Third, it is natural to have a comprehensive efficacy. In summer, oil control is important. However, the skin problem will not disappear. Besides moisturizing and controlling oil, whitening, anti-oxidation, compactness and even sunscreen will be more popular. At the same time, it can solve other skin problems at the same time, and avoid the greasy feeling caused by repeated smear. The

3 minute mask:


, besides the refreshing moisturizing cream, for a long time in the air-conditioned room, some extra moisturizing exercises should be done well in the early morning. If the pattern of the oil inside the skin has been formed, it is better to add a moisturizing essence before the cream and choose a moisturizing lotion to make the skin "appetizing" and the cream will be better. If you apply a moisturizing mask quickly in the space between your teeth and brush your teeth, it will take 35 minutes to improve the skin condition of the whole day.


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