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What are the tips for anti pollution skin care? Here's a good way

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we all know that haze and suspended pollutants have a great impact on the skin. In this environment, anti pollution skin care is very important. What should we do to deal with this situation? Let's see, what are the tips for anti pollution skin care?


what are the tips for anti pollution skin care?

trick 1: use a cleanser to clean more easily.

the traditional hand washing cleanser is difficult to work in heavily polluted weather. When cleaning the skin frequently and forcefully, high-intensity friction will cause skin damage. According to the latest research report of the American dermatology medical conference, the effective cleaning of air pollution particles and sebum pollutants by the acoustic cleanser has reached more than 30 times the cleaning effect of hand washing. If your skin is sensitive, you can choose a professional cleaning brush head suitable for sensitive skin, or use a cleanser the next day to effectively complete deep cleaning.

trick 2: not only cleansing, but also removing turbidity

in view of urban environmental pollution, many new cleansing products have added more turbidity removing ingredients, which makes the significance of cleaning steps deeper: H2O + has added Paraguayan tea that can promote skin metabolism and remove turbidity in marine protection cleanser; HR added pure rice and yeast extract in the pure qinrun cleansing foam, which helps to enhance the skin's own purification system.


knack three: honey mask to repair the feast


2-3 times a week, use sweet honey mask to repair a feast for the skin. Honey integrates multiple skin beautifying effects such as repairing, removing turbidity, tightening and soothing, and helps to eliminate toxins and turbidity caused by environmental pollution. In addition to using the ready made honey mask, you can also use


to fill the whole face with high-quality honey. Wait for 1 minutes to massage the whole face with the back of the metal spoon, then wash it with water.

trick 4: relieve invisible inflammation

multiple environmental pollution such as ultraviolet light and pollutants will cause great pressure on the skin, and nerve endings may also be inflamed. These inflammations that cannot be detected by the naked eye will eventually lead to acne, redness and even color spots.

therefore, you can add products containing soothing ingredients to the skin care program to help relieve skin pressure and relieve skin micro inflammation. Hot spring water, shea butter extract and d-panthenol all help to reduce inflammation, calm and deeply moisturize the skin, and build a natural health barrier for the skin. Secret 5 of


: enhance skin immunity. When


have strong immunity, the body's disease resistance will naturally be stronger. Similarly, in harsh environments, the skin also needs to have stronger resistance. In this regard, Shiseido has launched the world's first skin cream to enhance the skin immunity, so that the skin in the face of external injury, with better defense capabilities, while enhancing the skin's absorption of nutrients in the skin. Meisu found that the active ingredient "ginsenoside" contained in ginseng seeds and flowers can effectively strengthen the skin, enhance the skin's regeneration and promote the skin's metabolism.


trick 6: anti oxygen exercise at night


apply antioxidant repair products at night, which is a good time to do a night exercise for the skin. Apply anti oxidant cream or cream to the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and push evenly with the pulp. Then use your thumb and index finger to pinch and lift the skin on your cheeks from bottom to top, three times on each cheek twice.

finally, take a small amount of cream or cream to press the whole face after warming the palm of the hand. This group of simple pinching and lifting actions can promote the penetration of repair ingredients, stimulate the proliferation of skin collagen and promote skin self-renewal. What are the tips of


anti pollution skin care? I believe everyone knows enough about this. There are many alternative methods for anti pollution skin care, which can be applied according to your own situation.

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