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How to prevent skin oxidation? What needs to be done well?

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like ozone in the atmosphere, the skin protects our body. Nowadays, air pollution is more serious. Serious skin will inevitably be oxidized and affected to a certain extent. How to prevent skin oxidation? This has become a topic of concern for many women.


how to prevent skin oxidation?

I. use sunscreen

. If you don't do a good job in sunscreen, other maintenance work will be in vain. Ultraviolet rays of sunlight are the culprits of skin aging, including wrinkles, relaxation, lack of elasticity, uneven skin texture and uneven skin color. Please use full band sunscreen that can prevent UVA and UVB UV damage every day.


2. Replenish sunscreen at any time.


sunscreen do not have the effect of not falling off all day; In fact, the sun weakens the sunscreen and neutralizes its sunscreen effect. Please apply sunscreen to your face and body every two to four hours.

III. supplement antioxidant

antioxidant, which can neutralize environmental pollutants, ultraviolet rays and harmful free radicals produced by general skin metabolism.

IV. choose cleaning products carefully.

choose cleaning products with mild exfoliation or antioxidant components. Because the cleaning products containing antioxidants can wash away the old and waste cutin, start the skin repair procedure, and make the skin ready to absorb other skin care products.

v. keep sleeping

the night sleep period is a great opportunity for the skin to heal and repair the damage caused by environmental stressors. When the body gets rest, the skin will begin to regenerate and eliminate the toxins accumulated that day. Make sure you get a good beauty sleep every day!

VI. moisturizing

skin is the guardian of the human body against foreign invasion, which can protect us from environmental invasion factors, regulate body temperature and maintain internal and external balance. Dry skin will damage the topmost skin, resulting in sensitivity, itching and uneven skin texture.

how to prevent skin oxidation? I believe everyone knows enough about this. Skin problem is not a small problem. We should take active and effective nursing methods to protect our skin. In addition, we should maintain a good mood every day. Too much pressure is not good for the skin.

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