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The effect of resveratrol can be used for whitening and moisturizing

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red wine contains a polyphenol antioxidant "resveratrol", which is not only good for preventing cardiovascular diseases, but also helpful for skin maintenance. Many people don't have a clear understanding of the efficacy of resveratrol. Let's learn about it.


the efficacy of resveratrol

what is resveratrol and why it has such a magical skin beautifying effect? Yang Xinling, Professor of the Department of nutrition of China Medical University, said that resveratrol is a non flavonoid polyphenol compound, which exists in specific natural plants. When plants are subjected to environmental pressure, fungal and bacterial infection during plant growth, it will produce antitoxin to resist external invasion, promote the activation of Resveratrol Synthase and increase the production of resveratrol. Therefore, Resveratrol can be regarded as a natural phytoalexin.

scavenges free radicals! Resveratrol is more antioxidant than vitamin E.


act on the human body. Resveratrol has the effects of antioxidation and scavenging free radicals. It is stronger than the famous antioxidant vitamin E and is a powerful antioxidant in the natural diet. Resveratrol is the best scavenger to remove free radicals. It can remove superoxide free radicals, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl free radicals, capture free radicals, and protect and avoid the peroxidation damage of cell membrane lipids.

in addition, resveratrol can also increase the activities of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione reductase and glutathione peroxidase in the human body, help delay the occurrence of aging and maintain the best state of health of body organs.

beauty! Resveratrol whitening and moisturizing mask

in addition to the effect of anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals in the human body, resveratrol has good moisturizing characteristics and anti-inflammatory effect, which can delay the aging process of skin cells; And inhibit the activity of tyramine enzyme, reduce the formation of melanin, and achieve skin care effects such as whitening, lightening spots and moisturizing.

effect 1: moisturizing

resveratrol can inhibit the penetration of cell moisture and reduce the loss of skin moisture; And the water absorption capacity is first-class, which helps the skin maintain a state of moisture and fullness.

function 2: whitening

in addition, resveratrol is more helpful to inhibit the activity of "tyraminase" (the higher the tyraminase activity, the easier melanin is formed), reduce the formation of a large amount of melanin, spots and blackening of skin color due to ultraviolet, light allergy, photosensitive food and other factors, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and lightening spots.

effect 3: anti inflammatory

resveratrol has the effect of anti-inflammatory response, can inhibit the activity of COX-2 (redox oxidase), an important medium of human inflammatory response, reduce factors such as viruses, bacteria and ultraviolet rays, induce the activity of COX-2, and improve inflammatory and sensitive reactions such as skin redness, swelling and heat pain. What are the effects of


resveratrol? Everyone must have a certain understanding of this. Resveratrol has many benefits for skin health. Many common vegetables, fruits and ingredients in daily life contain resveratrol. We should learn to make rational use of it.

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