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How to choose a washcloth? How much do you know?

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face towel is the towel used to wash your face. Washing your face is something you have to do every day, and there is a lot of knowledge about towels. Only when you use them correctly can they be helpful to your skin. Let's see. How to choose a washcloth?




towels contact the skin every day. Just choose a good facial cleanser. If you use a bad towel to wipe your face or wash your face in the wrong way, it will cause skin aging. Therefore, how to choose a towel is very important.

1. In terms of material selection, cotton towel is absolutely the first choice. Whether it is new Egyptian cotton, Xinjiang cotton or hollow cotton, it is recommended to actually contact the touch and hand feel of the towel.

2. It's best not to choose a towel with many carved three-dimensional patterns on the surface. Although the towel presses the skin to wipe moisture, because it will contact with the skin in a large area, the simpler the surface of the towel is, the better; If you can use towels to do exfoliation maintenance, too much carving is bad for the skin.

3. The color of towel should not be too white or bright, so as to avoid the use of too much fluorescent agent or dye. If you are really not sure whether the color is safe, there are many organic cotton towels on the market, showing a natural light brown, which is the best basis for selection. How to clean and maintain



it is recommended to change it once a season, scald it with hot water every week and store it in a ventilated place to ensure that the towel does not produce mold. When washing, do not wash it with items with zippers or hooks. How to use


towels to improve skin beauty?


after cleaning the skin in the morning and evening, they will use a towel to press off the excess water without rubbing back and forth, which is easy to hurt the skin. Do not wipe your face with a dry towel after washing your face. It is easy to increase fine lines for a long time.

beauty experts do this!

small square towel beauty method: soak the small square towel with warm water, add soap or facial cleanser, wet the facial skin, unfold the small square towel to cover the facial skin, and start to draw a circle on the skin, which can have the effect of washing the face and exfoliating. Strength must be absolutely soft. The material of square towel must be pure cotton and soft. The effect of skin beauty is comparable to that of facial washing machine.


early autumn towel beautifying skin: reduce the oil on the face in early autumn. Wipe the skin with a wet towel after cleaning in the morning to avoid sensitivity caused by excessive cleaning and friction; After skin cleaning in the evening, first put the towel into warm hot water and then screw it dry. First warm compress the eyes and relax the pressure, and then wipe the skin.


three warm towel beauty methods: soak the towel in hot and cold water at the temperature of 40 ° C and 20 ° C respectively, apply a warm towel for 3-5 minutes after cleaning the skin (but apply a thick frozen film and then cover a warm towel), open the pores, stimulate activated cells, and then apply a cold towel to tighten the pores. How to choose


face towels? I believe everyone knows more about this. There are so many things about face towels. We should make rational use of them and cherish our skin.

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