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Neck maintenance techniques, women can try this

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women who love beauty should know that in addition to their face and hands, the neck is also an important part to enhance women's image. The neck needs careful care in order to present a better side. Let's see. How to do the neck maintenance?


how to do neck maintenance?

do a good job in cleaning and keeping the neck clean and refreshing.

the neck is exposed to the air or sunshine for a long time and is easy to be polluted by dirt. Therefore, the neck should be carefully cleaned every day. The first step is to clean


. The basic cleaning


are just as fragile as the skin and facial skin of the neck. Therefore, it is necessary to use mild cleansing cream, gel and emulsion to clean. When cleaning, massage gently and gently, from bottom to top. After washing, pat on a toner that can moisturize the skin.

cleaning part 2: exfoliating

can use facial exfoliating products to exfoliate the neck, but it is not suitable to use less greasy products for the neck. Knead the neck and back of the ear spirally from bottom to top.

neck moisturizing is equally important.

neck sebaceous glands are relatively few, so it is not easy to produce oil, and it is easy to dry. Moisturizing the neck can turn to avocado oil and olive oil. Squeeze out some oil into the palm, then rub the two palms until warm, and gently apply it on the neck from bottom to top.

neck maintenance deeper care

neck work, to do more in place and effective, it is necessary to take deep care of the neck. The first step of




can use neck cream to care the neck. The nursing procedure is the same as that of facial care. First, clean the face, spray toner after cleaning, and apply neck cream after the toner is absorbed. Neck care needs to be done every day. When wiping the neck cream, you can massage the neck appropriately.

nursing second steps:


regularly apply the neck membrane to the neck. The neck membrane can be purchased or self-made, and it can also be replaced by facial mask or mask cloth. If you want to make your own neck mask, you can use egg white with starch and honey, mix it into a paste and apply it on the neck for about half an hour to tighten the skin.

how to do neck maintenance? Everyone must know enough about it. The maintenance of the neck needs to be more careful and patient in order to achieve better results.

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