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What do you know about sunscreen in summer?

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in hot summer, people often don't want to go out. Because the sun often makes people uncomfortable, women who love beauty are even more afraid of tanning their skin. So, how to sunscreen? Take a look at some summer sun protection tips.


summer sunscreen tips

1. You can't wash your face with hot water after sunburn

in hot summer, after a day in the sun, we all know that cold water can shrink pores, cool your skin and eliminate heat. If you use hot water, it will expand your blood vessels and may grow sunburn, especially after outdoor sports.

2. The sunscreen ability of wearing colored T-shirts to resist the sun

clothes first depends on the material of the clothes, followed by the color. For example, the SPF value of cotton clothes is about 15 to 40; The SPF value of polyester light color clothes is about 7 to 10; The SPF value of knitted light colored clothes is about 4 to 9. Therefore, it is best to wear colored cotton t-shirts in summer. Its filtering effect on ultraviolet rays is better than that of white ones.

3. Do not eat photosensitive vegetables

if your skin is easy, you'd better not eat "photosensitive" vegetables such as celery, coriander and white radish in midsummer. Eating these vegetables is easier to make your skin grow color spots.

in summer, you should eat more things to inhibit pigment, which can make your skin white, like kiwi fruit, tomato, orange and other foods.

4. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C.

many people know that vitamin C can be called the king of whitening and has a very obvious effect on inhibiting black spots. If you want sun protection at ordinary times, you must eat more fruits containing vitamin C. In addition, adequate intake of vitamin E to prevent skin aging can play the role of defense against ultraviolet rays, vitamin A to increase skin resistance and calcium to increase skin elasticity, which can be obtained from tomatoes, lemons, nuts and other foods.

5. Eat more tomatoes with new functions to prevent sunscreen. Experts of


found in the research that each of us eats ketchup every day, which greatly reduces the risk of sunburn by the sun. Therefore, it seems that tomatoes have a good sunscreen effect. This is because safranin plays a good role in sunscreen.

summer sunscreen tips have been introduced to you. I believe you all know more about it. There are many methods of sunscreen in summer. You can choose the appropriate method according to your own situation.

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