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What causes skin damage? How many do you know?

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skin is delicate and easy to cause skin damage for various reasons. After skin damage, we need to take reasonable and effective measures to deal with it. What are the various reasons just mentioned? Let's see, what causes skin damage?


what causes skin damage?

ultraviolet radiation

most people know that ultraviolet UV radiation can increase wrinkles, accelerate skin aging, and increase the probability of skin cancer. However, many people don't know that sunscreen usually can't achieve the purpose of anti-aging, and staying in the shadow can only avoid part of the damage. Since some sunburn is irreversible, you should be aware of it at all times, or at least follow this basic sunscreen guide.

chlorine and hot water

hot shower and bathtub feel like a good thing. Your skin doesn't necessarily agree. Chlorine in tap water is an oxidant (it can kill bacteria) and may cause skin damage. The hotter the bath water, the greater the damage, because the rate of chemical reaction in the water will increase with the increase of temperature. The suggestion is: don't take a bath more than once a day. Don't soak too long each time. Use warm water instead of hot water.


irritants can harm the skin in two ways. First, it causes direct damage by disturbing the skin matrix and cells. Second, induce skin allergy, inflammation and other reactions, which will release free radicals and the so-called matrix metalloproteinase (this enzyme will destroy the skin matrix and devour collagen and elastin), thus damaging the skin. Usually, the latter is more serious than the former, especially for people with sensitive skin, because even very mild irritants can cause the above symptoms. Everyone should try to avoid irritants, and people with sensitive skin should pay special attention to this problem.


inflammation is the body's response to different types of injury, including infection, trauma, abrasion, burn and so on. In rare cases, the autoimmune response causes inflammation. Inflammation is a necessary and important step in the process of self-healing, but long-term inflammation can damage the skin and other organs. Especially when inflammation releases a large number of free radicals and matrix metalloproteinases, the skin will accelerate aging. If the inflammation is caused by abrasions, wear or makeup for a short time, it is not a big problem, which also means that you must take seriously the long-standing chronic inflammation.

the most common skin inflammation is acne. Chronic acne needs treatment. However, remember that some acne treatment ingredients (such as benzoyl peroxide) are irritants themselves, and excessive use may damage the skin. You need to work with your dermatologist to find the most appropriate treatment that is non irritating or mild. Those treatments themselves do more harm than the disease, so they should not be used for a long time.

other skin conditions that can lead to chronic inflammation include eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and inflammatory rosacea.


periocular swelling is a common manifestation of mild facial edema. Edema refers to swelling caused by excess fluid accumulated near soft tissue. Edema will stretch your skin and wrinkle and relax over the years. Due to dense capillaries and lack of fat filling, periocular edema is particularly easy to occur. Severe edema (especially when not limited to the face) is a sign of potential health threats, such as allergies, renal dysfunction or liver lesions. You should consult your doctor to rule out the above situation.

however, if your eyes are swollen when you get up in the morning and return to normal by noon, it is more likely to be caused by your lifestyle (such as lack of sleep, alcohol intake and others) than health conditions. Although edema in the morning will only bring temporary trouble, you still need to pay attention, because it can be said to be one of the culprits of periocular aging.

excessive use of cosmetics

cosmetics usually contain irritants. For the purpose of long-term skin care, you'd better stop using cosmetics, especially around your eyes. Those cosmetics that are long-lasting and not easy to fall off are more harmful, because they not only contain stronger chemical components, but also need more stimulating makeup removers for cleaning.

excessive skin care products

indiscriminate use of a variety of skin care products may have certain side effects. First, some products are simply ineffective: they are not only a waste of money, but also prevent the skin from absorbing other active ingredients. Moreover, some products can cause long-term damage to the skin, even if the damage is slight. Finally, even products that contain fruit acid, vitamin C and retinol and are scientifically proven to be beneficial to the skin will stimulate the skin if you use them improperly or in excess. Choose products carefully and use products carefully. Spending more time on research can not only save you a lot of money, but also avoid additional damage to your skin.

what causes skin damage? Everyone must have had enough understanding of this. There are many reasons for skin damage, many of which are caused by improper use of skin care products. We should pay special attention.

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