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Tips in daily life, sunscreen methods, let's get together

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we should be good at finding some tricks in our daily life, which can better help us. For example, sunscreen skin care, there are some sunscreen tips. Let's learn these daily tips and sunscreen methods.


tips in daily life sunscreen methods

don't wash your face with hot water after sunburn

if you wash your face with hot water after sunburn outside for a day, it's like being burned by hot water. Only cold water can shrink pores, cool skin and eliminate heat and redness. The use of hot water will cause telangiectasia, congestion, flushing and even sunburn.

try not to eat photosensitive vegetables

if it is easy to skin, it is best not to eat "photosensitive" vegetables in midsummer. Celery, coriander, white radish and other "photosensitive" vegetables make it easier for love's skin to grow color spots. This season, you should eat more fruits and vegetables that inhibit pigment precipitation and make your skin white, such as Kiwi fruit, strawberry, tomato, orange, cabbage and so on.

wear color T-shirts to block the sun. The sunscreen ability of

clothes first depends on the material of the clothes, followed by the color. For example, the SPF value of cotton clothes is about 15-40; The SPF value of polyester light color clothes is about 7-10; The SPF value of knitted light colored clothes is about 4-9. A colored cotton T-shirt has better UV filtering effect than white one.

tips in daily life what are the sun protection methods? Everyone must know enough about it. Often deal with these three sunscreen tips in daily life, so that you won't be bothered in hot summer.

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