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What are the standards for men's views on women's skin?

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what kind of women are attractive to men? It is in this era that men value having good skin. Let's take a look at men's views on women's skin to see what kind of standards are there?


, 男人对女人的皮肤看法,有什么标准?,


men's view of women's skin


, and natural bright white

boys will not like to rush into thick foundation, like a miserable face with a mask, but love fair skins who love natural brilliance. Some small freckles and defects are actually acceptable to boys. Boys who can be dull "yellow faced women" won't like them. Therefore, using whitening products with the function of brightening skin color, paying attention to sunscreen and developing good living habits are daily compulsory courses!

2. Delicate zero pores

in fact, are pores more destructive than spots for boys? I think no boys will like girls with larger pores than themselves. If you don't pay attention to makeup removal, cleaning and serious oil will lead to large pores. Once the pores become larger, it's difficult to shrink them. Therefore, you must be vigilant! Even if you only apply sunscreen, you can't be lazy and don't take off your makeup; Girls who love oil choose oil control skin care products. If necessary, they can inhibit sebum through honey powder absorption; Especially skin care products containing salicylic acid and other acids can effectively improve pores.

III. compact, smooth and elastic

with the rapid development of girls' makeup technology, boys have to be more and more eager. Dark complexion? Large pores? Girls can all rely on their superb makeup technology to cover up, so boys also understand that "seeing is not necessarily true", and only the real fingertip touch can be trusted! The firm, smooth and elastic touch is the test standard of good skin, and it is also a hard index that can not be fake! Therefore, girls' perfect skin should not only stand to see, but also stand to "touch".


after reading the above introduction, we must have a certain understanding of men's views on women's skin. If you want to have good skin in the eyes of men, female friends should make more efforts in skin care.

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