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Whitening starts with daily skin maintenance

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how can you really whiten your skin? What is the correct step of whitening? Which whitening products are suitable for yourself? What side effects will the whitening needle popular in Taiwan have? About all kinds of doubts about whitening, we invited three authoritative experts in the industry to make the ultimate answer for you. Q & A experts of


: some intensive whitening products of


, beauty guru Niu Er, claim to whiten the skin between 14 and 21 days, but traditional whitening products can take effect for at least 3 months. What is the principle of these intensive and rapid whitening products? Is it really effective and will it hurt the skin? The normal physiological cycle of keratinocytes in


skin is 28 days on average, of which the survival time of keratinocytes is about 21 days. In the remaining 7 days, keratinocytes in the skin dehydrate and become keratinocytes, which become the cuticle on the surface of the skin, that is, dead skin cells. Therefore, many "intensive" whitening products in the market pay more attention to the 21 day metabolic cycle of skin keratinocytes, claiming that melanin can be diluted within one metabolic cycle of keratinocytes to achieve whitening effect.

In the traditional sense, melanin metabolism needs to be synthesized by melanocytes, transported to keratinocytes, and then shed by keratinocytes to complete the whole physiological metabolism process of skin melanin. This process takes longer than 28 days. In terms of melanin production and metabolism, melanin is generated from melanoblasts , it may take 21-70 days until melanin is distributed in keratinocytes and then the keratinocytes metabolize and fall off. However, if only melanin originally distributed in keratinocytes is metabolized and fall off, it will take about 14-21 days.

In other words, if you only improve the transparency of the skin, instead of the obvious whitening effect, you can see the effect as long as you do exfoliation maintenance, which also provides a lot of space for whitening manufacturers to remind consumers. Therefore, as long as it can help keratin metabolism, for example, acid, salicylic acid and other ingredients are added to the so-called intensive whitening products or physical beauty Whitening and exfoliating products with whitening effect have immediate "whitening effect", which is why some manufacturers even appeal to see the whitening effect in "14 days" this year.


It should be noted that such products should not be used excessively. Usually, manufacturers will recommend normal use methods according to the concentration of ingredients added to their products. As long as they do not excessively violate such recommended use mode, they will not worry about the so-called "side effects" of using quick acting whitening products.

special reminder:

Medically speaking, it is almost impossible to achieve the skin degree change visible to the naked eye in a very short time, especially some unsafe products, such as the short-term whitening course in some beauty salons, may cause pigment loss, which is commonly referred to as vitiligo. Through exfoliation and moisturizing, the refraction of the stratum corneum becomes stronger, and the skin will naturally appear Transparent and white, which can be easily achieved in a short time.

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