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The most effective oil control method for all skin types

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       Today, with the temperature rising gradually, the skin's oil secretion is more and more vigorous, and you begin to worry about the problem of oil control. To effectively control the spread of oil gloss, you must formulate your oil control plan according to your skin characteristics. Only in this way can we aim at the target and prevent the skin from shining!    

       Seasonal oil delivery and oil control classic            It only produces oil in midsummer, but it is standard neutral skin in other seasons. This kind of skin is called "seasonal oily skin". It is very seasonal and targeted to take care of this kind of skin with water and oil balance. Before midsummer, buy a set of refreshing washing products and carry a bag of oil absorbing facial paper with you, which will balance the balance of water and oil.

       Clean skin care


with oil control and moisturizing products        Use cleansing products with oil control and moisturizing function to deeply clean the oil and dirt in the pores through gentle massage. Then pat the skin with oil control moisturizing toner to clean the skin twice, control the accumulation of oil and tighten the pores. Finally, apply the skin care emulsion with dual effects of oil control and moisturizing to achieve the effect of oil control.

      Absorb excess grease


with oil absorbent paper     For the neutral skin with oil only in summer, the oil only occurs at a specific temperature and environment. When the phenomenon of "oil flashing" appears on the face, gently dip it with oil absorbing facial paper, which will have an obvious effect immediately. Although it has only a temporary effect, it is enough for neutral skin with less oil secretion.  

      Apply ice on your face to inhibit oil secretion     Before going to work in the morning, wrap the ice with a towel and apply it on the face for ten minutes to reduce the skin surface temperature and immediately inhibit the oil discharge. At this time, apply oil control and moisturizing skin care products to make the face clear and refreshing for a long time.

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