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To control oil, you must first sleep well

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      The climate of spring makes people love and hate. What they love is the blooming of flowers she calls, and what they hate is that she makes their skin easy to be sensitive. How to take care of your skin in this changeable season? How can we make whitening and skin care work normally? Life series specially prepares the latest skin care information for you to help you repair skin problems and show the most charming brilliance!

      Oil secretion changes with temperature

Dr. Guo said that the so-called "oil" on our faces is actually sebum secreted by sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are mainly distributed in the T-shaped area of the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, so this part will appear oily in summer.


so what does oil production have to do with? Dr. Guo said that the activity of sebaceous glands is first related to the temperature. With the increase of temperature, sebaceous glands become more active. Studies have shown that for every 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature, the amount of oil discharged from the skin will increase by 10%. If you sweat a lot in hot summer, the state of oil and water will make your face look brighter.

secondly, oil secretion is also related to hormones. Androgen can promote the secretion of sebaceous glands, so people with high levels of androgen often have oily faces.

in addition, oil secretion is also related to sleep. If we can't sleep well in summer, it will also aggravate the oil secretion.

cannot regulate hormone secretion casually.

nowadays, many women go to the dermatology department of the hospital to seek treatment for excessive oil secretion. Many of them are "knowledgeable" and ask the doctor: prescribe me some drugs to regulate hormone secretion. I must be that male hormone secretion is too strong.

in the face of this situation, Dr. Guo believes that simple problems should be solved simply. Only patients with hormone imbalance and menstrual disorders, resulting in skin oil, need to use this method, otherwise it will affect their health. For the vast majority of people, cooling indoor and ensuring adequate sleep are the preconditions to solve the problem of sebum excess.

       Many women are used to relying on oil control products to keep fresh in summer. Dr. Guo pointed out that in fact, there is no skin care product that can control sebum secretion. What they do is to use granular particles, such as silicon particles and particulate sponge, to adsorb the oil and make the skin look more refreshing. In fact, sebum is still secreted. Dr. Guo suggested that some tips can be used to care for oily skin in summer.

first of all, people with more oil can wash their face twice in the morning and evening and once at noon. This time, you can rinse with cold water instead of cleansing products. After washing the face, apply some lotion around the easy dry eyes.


secondly, people with particularly strong oil production can also appropriately use some topical drugs with high concentration of fruit acid and salicylic acid, which can effectively inhibit oil production and prevent acne.

in addition, proper vitamin B6 supplementation can reduce sebum secretion, so you can eat more bananas or fish rich in vitamin B6 in summer.

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