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Anti aging tips for 30-year-old women

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      Women have a sense of crisis when they reach the age of 30, because 30 means that your physical and skin conditions will decline day by day, which is the beginning of aging. Women who are about to enter 30 must take care of your baby skin, so as to make your youth and vitality more lasting.

the skin condition of a 30-year-old woman, the renewal speed of


cells began to slow down, and fine lines appeared around the eyes, which was the turning point of the skin state. Signs of aging: signs of aging are emerging. Although the damage caused by the sun or the consequences caused by the lack of care can not be seen on the surface of the skin, the tissue composed of collagen and elastic fibers has begun to lose elasticity slowly, the microcirculation is no longer running at full speed, the renewal of cells has passed the fastest period, the luster, moisture and elasticity of the skin have begun to decrease, and the skin has begun to relax.


anti-aging key: anti wrinkle


are about to enter the age of 30. The key to anti wrinkle is to replenish water and moisturize. Choosing a formula rich in minerals is conducive to the self recovery of the skin. It can make the skin absorb oxygen to the greatest extent and store sufficient energy in the cells. The cell protection formula containing ginkgo, ginseng, soybean natural extract, Hamamelis and other plant extracts can accelerate blood circulation, and the cell protection formula can also prevent premature wrinkles.

anti-aging prevention countermeasures

1. Replenishing water and sunscreen is the key: choose moisture moisturizing skin care products and stick to applying sunscreen every day.

2. Start firming: look for "firming" skin care products. Each application should be combined with the upper neck and pushed from bottom to top to prevent sagging and relaxation of the skin.

3, avoid coarse pores: if natural pores are thick, they can often do facial cleansing and care, keep the pores clean, prevent bacterial infection and avoid bigger pores.

4. Use refreshing eye cream: eye cream is a nutritional product with more nutrients and thick texture. At the age of 30, you don't need too much nutrition. Just ensure sufficient moisture. You can choose Zheli eye cream with light texture.

     5. Take vitamins every day: Vitamin C helps to dilute and decompose the formed melanin, inhibit the new melanin, and accelerate the excretion of melanin from the epidermis or through the blood.

6. Participate in aerobic exercise: appropriate exercise such as jogging and swimming can accelerate the blood circulation of the skin and help cells absorb oxygen. Aerobic exercise for 20 ~ 30 minutes each time 3 ~ 5 times a week will make the skin ruddy.

7. Get enough sleep: when you sleep soundly, the metabolism of the skin really starts, and constantly metabolism and self-regulation.

8. Stay away from alcohol and tobacco: the age of wrinkles on the skin of smokers is more than ten years earlier than that of non-smokers, mainly because of the contractile effect of nicotine on skin blood vessels; Drinking will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, accelerate the loss of water, and indirectly affect the normal function of the skin.


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