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Six type whitening method refuses to be a yellow faced woman

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     The word "yellow faced woman" is fatal to a woman. It not only means that your skin is on the verge of "collapse", but also lays a heavy stop symbol for your youth. Therefore, a woman, especially for Asian women whose skin color is naturally yellow, should first solve the "dark yellow" of her face in order to seize her youth.

      No.1 aging type

      The main problem of "aging yellow faced woman" is the deposition of aging cells on the skin surface. Therefore, as long as these aging cells are removed, the skin can be white and transparent.

anti yellowing method: marine pearl

is a natural and efficient "anti yellowing" nutrient, which can inhibit melanin, gently remove aging cells, and make skin moist, soft, smooth and white. According to Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming Dynasty, "Pearl coated surface can moisturize good color and remove surface (spots)."



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