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The secret of keeping skin tender and moisturized

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      Water content, nutrition, health status, mood and sleep have a great impact on deep moisturizing.

1. Cold boiled water has better replenishment effect than hot boiled water. Drinking more every day can help maintain the easily lost water at the best level.

2. Drink a cup of cold boiled water before taking a bath or shower to prevent the heat from evaporating the water under the skin quickly.

3. Skin care products contain vitamins, and the moisturizing effect will be more obvious. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, e, F and H are all good.

4. Night is the time to strengthen skin penetration. When you get up, your skin becomes watery.

      5. Fruit can replenish water and vitamins and moisturize the skin deeply. Of course, it can not be omitted. But eating fruits with high sugar content will consume water. Citrus, strawberry, grape and other less sweet fruits may as well eat more.

6. When you go to bed at more than 12 o'clock, the water in your skin will be pumped out. Therefore, the skin that always stays up late has the problem of relaxation and water shortage.

      7. Drink a small glass of red wine before going to bed to accelerate blood circulation and significantly increase the skin's absorption of moisturizers.

8. Leave the computer for 5 minutes every hour and let the skin rest for a while.

      9., we should gradually increase the moisturizing essence, aromatic essential oil and anti wrinkle cream to make "tonic" in winter.

10. 2-3 times a week, moisturizing mask to baby dry skin, especially in winter, replenishment mask is indispensable.

      11. The beauty of loving your lover turns into a hormone of happiness, moisturizing all organs from the inside.

12. Neglect of maintenance due to youth leads to frequent water shortage and early aging. In fact, people use baby oil from infancy. They can't live without the care of maintenance products all their life. The age of contact with maintenance products should start at the age of 18.

      13. The safest and most effective moisturizer in skin care products is not affected by the climate and is determined to replenish water for the skin.

      14. Like washing your face every day, Qingrun eye drops wash away the dirt on your eyes and make your eyes clearer.

15. Go to the beauty salon for deep moisturizing care at least once a month. Although it is a little more expensive, it can quickly improve the extra dry skin.

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