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Summer skin care tips

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       Summer is a season for mm. In this brilliant summer, mm can show her beautiful and arrogant figure, but it will also bring some trouble to women's skin care. If female friends can take measures to prevent skin dehydration from sunscreen bacteria during this period, your skin will be as "sunny" as in summer. In summer, due to the hot weather, it is easy to cause various skin diseases, such as acne, sweat spots, sunburn, etc. here are some tips on skin care in summer.


“        Acne often occurs in teenagers, mostly on the face, chest and back, which not only affects the beauty of the face, but also makes it inconvenient for women to wear suspender skirts or backless clothes. Some girls who love beauty tend to casually paint their skin and relax. Dermatitis is equal. Some drugs containing corticosteroids have the opposite effect. In fact, many large hospitals have many good treatment methods for acne. At the same time of treatment, warm water and soap or facial cleanser with strong decontamination and degreasing ability should be used to clean the back of the face. When going out or sweating, shower in time to avoid excessive sweat and secretion stimulating the skin and make the skin clean and soft. In particular, pay more attention to the dead corner of the back, which is not easy to clean, because there are many skin glands and sweat glands on the back, which are easy to be stained with dirt and blocked Plug pores and grow pimples. Do not squeeze and pinch the emerging pimples to prevent infection or leave pigmentation or spots. In addition, you should eat less fatty and polysaccharide stimulating foods and more fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach and watermelon.

       Sweat spots are a kind of skin fungal disease caused by Pityrosporum in summer, which is called tinea versicolor in medicine. It is easy to induce this disease when it is hot and sweaty and not cleaned in time. It is mainly manifested in some light brown spots on the front chest, back and waist, covered with thin scales, accompanied by oxygen. In addition to effective antibacterial treatment, you should take a bath in time when sweating and take care of it Wash the changed clothes in time. Disinfect the bedding and often dry and pat.

       There are more and more people traveling and vacationing in summer. Mountain climbing and swimming in the sea have become indispensable items in tourism. People often pay attention to the sun protection of the waist and face, while the back suffers relatively more UV damage when climbing and swimming. After sunburn, the back skin often has obvious erythema, edema and blisters, with burning pain, so women should use anti sunburn for a long time in summer Sun cream, try to avoid going out from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. when the ultraviolet rays are strongest in the sun. You should take some vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E.


       If you sweat a lot in summer, you should pay attention to replenishing water to keep your skin moist. Because sweat contains a lot of salt, you should also pay attention to replenishing some salt when you replenish water. In addition, reasonable nutrition, happy mood and daily exercise such as back stretching are also very important to improve skin quality and prevent skin diseases“ Kdspe ""


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