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How to protect skin in summer

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in the hot summer, if you don't understand how important skin care is, you can really be divided into the ranks of "primitive people". European and American survey data show that women who insist on wearing sunscreen every day look younger than their actual age at the age of 50. You know the seriousness of the problem! But how can skin care be more effective? What products are suitable for you? See what the experts say!

◆ at 07:00, the air is fresh and the sun is soft and pleasant.

after a night's rest, when the skin begins to be exposed to bright sunlight, the skin without any protective measures is particularly sensitive to sunlight. Especially after that, the sun will gradually become hot, so if you have a good habit of morning exercise, don't wipe your face with clean water and go outdoors.

skin care key points: after simple grooming, apply a layer of SPF15 sunscreen on the face and bare arms and legs. Sunscreen lotion is refreshing and breathable. It is most suitable for early morning skin when it is just awakened.

◆ at 08:00, the sun has begun to reflect the burning power, which means that it will be a sunny day.


skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays is also gradually increasing. At this time, it is time to go out to work, so this will be the key to do a good job of skin care.

skin care key: before cleansing, do face cleaning. After applying the toner and moisturizing lotion, remember to do the last beautiful procedure for the bare skin: apply the sunscreen of SPF30.

◆ at 09:00, you can still feel the sunlight even standing under the anti ultraviolet umbrella.

the heat of the day officially began. It is impossible for the so-called strong skin to compete with ultraviolet rays.


skin care key points: if you are outdoors, in addition to applying sunscreen products, a sunshade (HAT) is necessary. In addition to partially resisting the invasion of ultraviolet rays to the skin, it can also resist the damage to the hair. Sunglasses with UV function are also essential. It can effectively block part of the ultraviolet rays from burning delicate corners of your eyes.

◆ 10:00-16:00 is the most harmful time of the day. If it's not necessary, it's better to stay indoors.

if you have to go out and your skin doesn't use sunscreen measures, unbearable burning and even terrible small blisters will appear in less than 20 minutes, which means that your skin has been sunburned.

skin care focus: staying indoors is the best sunscreen point, and if your seat is near the window, you'd better pull up the curtains. Raising a pot of green plants can also shade you properly. At this time, it's a good idea to make up your makeup and even put on a new sunscreen makeup during your lunch break. If you are outdoors, remember to apply sunscreen on your arms and legs every two hours.

◆ from 17:00 to 18:00, the sun has almost recovered its power. Should we be completely relieved?


of course not. The sunlight reflected from the ground, buildings and cars also has a devastating effect on our skin.

skin care key points: don't forget the sunshade and sunglasses. If you want to take off your coat in the office and wear suspenders to go outdoors, you must apply another layer of sunscreen.

◆ after 19:00, the sky is dark, the ultraviolet may have disappeared, and the skin is free again.

skin care key: return home to wash a comfortable hot bath, let the skin unload, and then apply the refreshing lotion. If your skin is sunburned, you must apply sun cream or facial mask to relieve skin burns, redness and other symptoms.

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