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Washing your face in this way allows you to have perfect baby skin

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       Whether you wash your face well or not determines the health of your skin. The number of times a person washes his face in his life is no less than tens of thousands. It is not only the first step of maintenance, but also the basis for raising his skin. Therefore, washing his face plays a very important role in our life. So how to wash your face to have good skin?

Q: now the air pollution is serious. Some people say that makeup removers should be used to remove makeup without makeup. Is it really necessary?

A: No. If you don't wear heavy make-up or use color makeup with high sunscreen and water resistance index, it's enough to use general cleaning products. Unless you are in a place with serious environmental pollution, excessive cleaning will break the sebum film on the surface of the skin and cause dry and sensitive skin.

Q: can I use makeup remover to dissolve blackheads and acne?

A: No. The use of makeup remover will wash away the oil on the surface, but it can not wash away the oil that has been combined with the cutin in the pores. Otherwise, can't even the cutin of the skin be washed away. To remove acne, you must use products that promote cutin metabolism. There is nothing you can do with makeup remover alone.

Q: after using makeup remover, rinse with clean water. You don't need to wash your face with facial cleanser?

A: big mistake. After the cleansing oil is flushed and emulsified, it is still inevitable that a little oil remains on the face, so the washing steps after use are essential!

Q: what is the most correct, safe and thorough step to wash your face with makeup?

A: generally, when we wear makeup, we need to remove the make-up first. We usually choose the special eye and lip remover to remove the waterproof mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick first, then use the general makeup remover to remove the makeup from the whole face. Of course, some warm products can be used directly to remove the eyes and lips. May not be able to use fingertip massage to remove, the use of cotton pad and eye special makeup remover can be thorough enough. When using makeup remover, don't be stingy. Try to use more components. Generally, 3-4 pumps are enough. A large amount of makeup remover oil can reduce friction, emulsify more thoroughly, and reduce the chance of blocking pores and causing sensitivity. Finally, we should choose facial cleansers to clean the water-soluble dirt on the face.

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