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Travel on May Day is a magic weapon that will never tan

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     No one wants to maintain and take care of the white skin for several months, and tan in the short May Day holiday. If you want to have fun and don't want to become a black beauty, take a look at the following magic weapons to let you enjoy the sun without tanning!

     51 sun protection methods          First, let's take a look at ultraviolet rays:

ultraviolet rays are not like X-rays, γ Radiation, its effect is very slow and produces harmful effects unknowingly. Most short-term injuries are reversible, with symptoms such as sunburn, tanning, redness, dry skin and scaling. Most long-term injuries are irreversible, which may lead to premature skin aging, pigmentation and even skin cancer.


ultraviolet rays are divided into UVB (sunburn) and UVA (aging). More than 90% of the ultraviolet rays reaching the ground are UVA, and Asia belongs to the area with high ultraviolet intensity. Therefore, we should do a good job in sunscreen!


sunscreen: you can't ignore


sunscreen from head to toe. You have to do it every day, not to mention traveling on holidays. From hair to toes, you can't miss it!     Sun shading tools, absolutely no less sunscreen magic weapon


1. The sun shading hat


with large hat edge can protect your facial skin from the sun.

2. The folding portable parasol

is suitable for putting in a bag. It can not only be used for shading, but also be used as an umbrella to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Sunglasses

are one of the fashionable tools for sunscreen.

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