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Moisturizing secrets of four types of air-conditioned rooms

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       As the temperature rises, we gradually feel the footsteps of the hot summer. In summer, most people will hide in the air-conditioned room and enjoy the cool wantonly. However, when the air conditioner takes away the heat of the body, it also takes away the pitiful water in the skin. It really takes care of one thing and loses the other. Therefore, our moisturizing plan in summer starts from the air-conditioned room!



in the air-conditioned room office        Environmental characteristics: in hot summer, the air conditioner in the office is generally about 15 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature. Such a large temperature difference makes the skin go in and out of the alternating cold and heat environment at least twice a day, stimulated by cold and heat. At the same time, the dry air leads to the decrease of humidity in the office, and the dryness of the skin is inevitable.

drying index: * * * office moisturizing tips:

1, in the morning skin care procedures, use at least three moisturizing products, such as moisturizing toner, moisturizing eye cream and moisturizing lotion.

2. Try to reduce the temperature difference inside and outside the room. If the cold air temperature is adjustable, please control it at about 24 ℃.

3. Drink enough water and drink at least 8 large glasses of water every day. If you go out, you'd better take a bottle of mineral water with you.

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