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How to care for oily skin in summer

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how to care for oily skin in summer? Many female friends complain that oily skin has a lot of troubles, especially in summer. It takes less than 2 hours to wash your face. When you look in the mirror, your face is oily. As the weather gets warmer and warmer, the oil glands begin to ready to move. How can we regulate oily skin in everyday life before summer comes, so that it can be refreshed even in summer?

step 1: clean and gently wash pores.

gently wash pores

wash your hands before washing your face. If your hands are dirty or stained with oil, the facial cleanser is not easy to foam. After the facial cleanser is fully foamed, apply it gently to the face. Do not use too much force, otherwise it will hurt the cuticle of the skin. If you have the habit of making up, you must first use makeup remover to remove makeup, and then use facial cleanser. When you use facial cleanser, you should gently rub it in circles with your fingertips. If conditions permit, after washing your face, immerse your face in ice water with several squares of ice cubes. It can immediately shrink pores, increase skin elasticity, clear mind and clear eyes.


, in order to deal with grease, oily skin often likes to use clean alkaline facial soap or face cream to wash face and decontamination. But in fact, too strong foam cleanser will take away moisture and sebum on the face. So it is better to use mild neutral cleanser to wash face. The best water temperature is around 20 C. Step 2 of


: replenish water and moisturize care, regulate skin water and oil balance.


according to statistics, 80% of oily skin has water shortage, and this vigorous amount of oil will cover up the fact that the skin lacks water. If you only control oil and absorb oil without replenishing water, the balance system in the body will start naturally and continuously secrete more oil to supplement a large amount of lost oil, forming a vicious circle of "more control, more oil". Moreover, in the process of oil secretion, a large amount of water in the skin will be consumed, and a large amount of sweating caused by high temperature will make the skin in a state of water shortage.

after washing the face, properly use some soothing moisturizing toner to shrink pores and reduce skin oil. If there is hot spring water or mineral water, it is better. Its minerals and trace elements can calm, soothe and astringe the skin. Step 3 of


: exfoliate regularly to get back the delicate and smooth feeling.


exfoliate regularly. The abnormal metabolism of


makes the keratinocytes unable to fall off naturally and accumulate thickly on the surface, resulting in rough and dark skin. The applied skin care products are often blocked by this too thick barrier and cannot be absorbed by the living cells below. This is only for horny and hypertrophic skin. Most oily skin has thick cuticle. You can use exfoliating products 2-3 times a month. Those with thinner cuticle can use scrub once a week for deeper cleaning to avoid excessive sebum and sweat blocking pores, but the technique must be gentle to avoid greater damage to the skin.

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