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Whitening method of summer yellow skin mm

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 14 0

whitening is one of women's favorite topics. In the eyes of Asians, white represents the atmosphere of nobility. But you don't know, whitening is a big concept, and everyone's whitening demands are actually very different.

in Asia, many people want to whiten, not because of "black", but because of "yellow". Yellow will make people feel unclear and spiritless. In fact, yellow has little to do with pigment. It seems that no one has studied "yellow pigment". We are used to describing it as "yellow gas enveloping". Causes of


skin: yellow skin is not the essence, but a bad skin state, which is mostly caused by poor blood circulation, gradual oxidation of skin, insufficient moisture and not too smooth.


close fitting weapons: facial mask and night cream.

vitamin C: it is a recognized and widely used antioxidant, which can try to make the skin bright, smooth and clean. However, based on the characteristics of VIC itself, it is recommended that you use it at night, which is the most reassuring, and choose a high stability packaging method.

late frost: mask, night cream or concentrated essence is more suitable for these requirements.

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