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How to care for dry skin

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     Skin care:

     1. Clean your face. Choose mild cleanser and cleanser with moisturizing ingredients. Master the water temperature according to your own situation. It is recommended to use cold and hot water alternately.

     2. After cleansing, be sure to use toner with good moisturizing effect. Dry skin will be more dry in winter. Be sure to use wet skin care products; For mixed skin, corresponding care should be taken for different parts, refreshing products should be used for the oily T-shaped part of the face, and key moisturizing care should be taken for dry parts.

     3. Eyes and lips cannot be ignored. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the face and the place where wrinkles are most likely to appear. Due to the cold climate, the blood circulation around the eyes slows down, so in winter, we should first enhance the resistance of the skin to prevent the generation of dark circles under the eyes. Massage the skin around the eyes frequently to promote blood circulation. Do eye mask care 2 ~ 3 times a week.

     4. Lip care. Chapped lips are the most common problem in winter. Lack of water is the main reason for the emergence of lip wrinkles and dry and peeling lips. It is very necessary to carry high-quality lip balm. Especially Lip Balm containing moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E is ideal for moisturizing lips at any time to prevent dry and peeling lips.

     5. Neck moisturizing can also not be ignored. The neck is the easiest to reveal age, so take care of it before it loses elasticity and neck lines appear. For neck care, it is best to use a special care cream.

     6. Whole body care. You don't have to take a bath every day in winter. You can take a bath every other day or two. Bath liquid must be mild and less alkaline. After bathing, it is best to use body care cream or emulsion to smear on the body to avoid itching on the skin.

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