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How does summer mix sex skin nurse

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mixed skin refers to the coexistence of two different skin qualities on the same person's face. The care of this kind of skin should be treated differently on the basis of using the same series of skin care products.


cleansing: you can choose facial cleanser with strong decontamination power to focus on cleaning the oily skin of the forehead, nose, mouth and jaw, while the cheek can achieve a comprehensive cleaning effect by passing by. When cleansing, you can also wash your face alternately with cold and hot water. You can wash the "t" part with warm water, and then wash the whole face with cold water.

facial massage: when nursing in the beauty salon, the oily skin can be massaged with degreasing massage cream and acupoint massage for the treatment of acne. For the parts of dry skin, nutritional placental cream or massage oil can be selected for facial massage, which can not only achieve the fat removal effect, but also increase nutrition for the dry parts, adjust each other and improve the nature of the skin.

mask: when choosing a mask, it should be selected according to different needs. Dry skin special mask, such as noodles with vegetables and fruits, can be used in the jaw, nose, pharynx and lower parts.


skin care products: for oily skin, removing excess oil, shrinking pores and neutralizing skin pH are the most important, so it should be patted at the "t" position to converge pores. Shrink water to inhibit oil secretion, and apply moisturizing skin care products. For dry skin, supplement nutrition and moisture is the first priority, and nutritional and moisturizing products can be selected, such as nutritional placenta cream applied to the cheek.


diet: in daily life, we should pay more attention to diet balance. We can eat a large number of fruits and vegetables rich in vita, VitB, VitC, etc., eat less high-fat and spicy foods, and drink more boiled water, which has a good auxiliary effect on skin conditioning.

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