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Oil control schedule for mixed skin

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       In hot summer, for women with oily and mixed skin, the face can easily become a "high-yield oil field". Therefore, oil control has become a protective work that women have to do in summer. Next, we will make public the one-day plan for facial oil control of people with mixed skin. You may wish to refer to:


after getting up, go to take a warm bath to make the body and your face have a fresh start. When cleaning the face, consider using products suitable for mixed skin to balance oil secretion. Such products will feel very refreshing after washing, and the cheeks will not be too dry. If there is facial scrub or exfoliating cleanser, use it about once a week. Don't overuse it to avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.


use professional oil control products for oil control. There are many t-control products on the market, which can permanently control the oil secretion in the T-zone and form a matte effect in the T-zone. T control products, apply to the emulsion, wait until the front emulsion is quickly dry, then evenly coated with T powder control cream. Some products may leave white marks due to heavy floating powder, so we must pay attention not to apply it too thick. If the oily part is the whole face, you can use the whole day oil unloading light moisturizing dark gel. Its oil absorbing particles can timely inhibit facial oil, and the Qingying formula can be quickly absorbed by the skin to ensure that the skin is fresh and oil-free all day.


UV resistance is the focus of oil control this season. To prevent greasy and clogging pores, you can choose refreshing and oil-free sunscreen products. They can not only have sunscreen effect, but also give the skin a sense of freshness. Of course, when choosing refreshing sunscreen, you should recognize the oilfree (grease free) logo on the outer package.


to make a cool makeup are also important steps for oil control all day long. Don't use the oil rich cosmetics, but choose the anti sweat, no makeup makeup mascara, foundation liquid, etc., which is more conducive to keep makeup for a long time.


, and some oil control products can be used after makeup, or can directly wipe up the powder of oil to reduce the probability of flooding. If the face is full of oil, you can use toner containing VC, VB2, VB6 and other components before makeup, which can effectively reduce oil secretion and prevent sebum overflow.

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