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How to improve mixed skin

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        What is mixed skin? Mixed skin. The cheeks and lips are dry, the forehead and nose are oily, and the lower forehead often has small acne with thick pores. Many people say that such skin is not easy to maintain. If you have mixed skin, how can you improve it? How to maintain


mixed skin: first, when cleaning the skin every day, wash the oily part more once. In the oily place, you can use scrub for deep cleaning (exfoliation) for three days. Two, regularly give the skin cleaning - attaining face, when the face must be partitioned mask, T parts with fresh mask, dry parts with moisturizing, nourishing mask.

III. during daily maintenance, strengthen moisturizing work and do not apply greasy maintenance products. The new supersedes the old. Four. The dry part should focus on moisturizing, promote the metabolism with hot compress, make make-up water, moisturize lotion to enhance moisture, so as to replenish moisture. Don't use a skin care product all over your face, which will make the oil more oily, and the dry place is still the same. In fact, thorough cleaning and moisturizing is the most correct maintenance for oily and acne parts.

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