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Summer sunscreen secrets for category 4 skin announced

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ultraviolet light is the culprit of skin aging. If you ignore sunscreen, the most powerful skin care products will be greatly reduced. Can you see that your skin care achievements are indifferent because the sun falls short? Then pay close attention to every detail and let your skin get gentle and effective comprehensive care, so that you will no longer have any worries in sunny days! Nine to five ol, living indoors for a long time is not a reason to give up sunscreen. Because UVA in ultraviolet rays exists at any time, if you give it a chance to go deep into the skin dermis, it will lead to tanning and aging, and make you lose your delicate and firm skin unknowingly. Therefore, doing a good job of sunscreen every day is the top priority of skin maintenance. Oily skin sunscreen key: refreshing and non greasy, oily skin, every day, simply coated toner feel sticky, refreshing should be the first choice of sunscreen products, strong penetration of water-based oil-free formula is a good choice, light texture of the gel, lotion is a good choice. Tips: people with oily skin had better not choose sunscreen, and physical sunscreen products should also be used with caution, because these products are thick and easy to block pores and cause acne. If the acne is serious and accompanied by inflammation, stop using any sunscreen products immediately and use shelter tools such as hats and umbrellas instead.

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