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Five keys to anti-aging of women aged 25-40

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 14 0

       Envy small s, Xu Ruoxu, Kano Mizuho, ANU Hui and other delicate skin. Can't you see the actresses of their actual age? The poster network compiles five key points for age-free muscle development. Following them can make your age "kill a lot"!

1. Replenish the water locking ingredients to recover the moisture in infancy.

touch the baby's skin, tender, smooth, completely free of pores and elastic, which is the most ideal age-free muscle state. Because the baby's skin contains a large amount of intercellular lipid neuroamides that can lock in skin moisture, so as to maintain a high water content.

but as you get older, the secretion of neuramines decreases. The following products are added with neuramines and powerful water locking factor to improve the skin moisturizing mechanism, moisturize and restore baby's muscle!

2. Get back the sense of transparency, waxy yellow and dark. Exfoliate

carefully look at the age-free skin color, there is a sense of transparency everywhere. Although it is not completely white, it is absolutely not waxy yellow! Old waste cutin will become thick layer by layer due to age growth and slow metabolism. To restore the transparency, please help the skin exfoliate and disperse the turbidity. People with sensitive skin can use exfoliating lotion containing moisturizing ingredients, or mix exfoliating cream in facial cleanser, so it won't be too irritating!

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