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10 minutes a day to quickly whiten beyond your imagination

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         As long as it takes ten minutes, you can also kill the beauty of makeup and quickly become radiant beauty muscles. 10 minutes a day makes whitening beyond your imagination.

skin is the primary factor for beautiful women to shine, and skin whitening is what many women are keen to pursue. So looking for fast and effective whitening methods is the most important. In fact, it takes only ten minutes every day to achieve whitening is very simple! Here are some ways to share!

method 1: washing your face alternately with hot and cold water will make your skin clean and shrink pores.

method 2: cut the cucumber on your face before going to bed, take it down after a few minutes and persevere. This is a very effective whitening method proved by practice.

method 3: drink more water, don't stay up late, eat less fried food and keep your skin clean. This is not only a crucial step in skin whitening, but also the basis of many whitening methods. Method 4 of


: before going to bed, completely soak it with cheap cotton pad and make-up water, apply it on your face for about 10 minutes, three times a week, and adhere to it to make your skin clear and white. Method 5 of


: wipe isolation cream and sunscreen before going out, and remember to remove makeup at night, which is a key step in the whitening method.

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