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Whitening methods for different parts

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     In the Oriental aesthetic concept, white is the highest standard and the ultimate goal of beauty. Under this concept, the whiteness of the whole body naturally becomes the ultimate. Of course, the ancestors not only gave requirements, but also gave solutions. Broad and profound traditional Chinese medicine has a set of scientific whitening schemes for different parts of the whole body. Let's have a look!

1. Food therapy for facial thick black

food therapy for facial thick black

traditional Chinese medicine believes that blackness is mostly caused by kidney deficiency and lack of essence and blood. It can be taken orally Liuwei Dihuang pill and other kidney tonifying drugs.

dietotherapy method:

sour jujube kernel longan porridge formula is applicable to the thickening of the skin caused by insufficient Qi and blood in the heart and spleen.

ginseng yam porridge formula is applicable to the dull yellow face caused by Qi failure;

honey source pollen can eliminate facial black spots and make your face white.

peach blossom food is most suitable for those with gray and dull face caused by poor liver qi and poor blood circulation:

[[editor's recommendation: quickly whiten your face for 10 minutes every day]]

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