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15 kinds of whitening foods make dark skin white quickly

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     Whitening is a topic that every woman is very concerned about. Whitening is a hot topic in that season. In the current hot weather, how to make dark skin white quickly? Then try 15 whitening foods.

food can also prevent sunscreen

why can food also prevent sunscreen? Dermatology research has found that ultraviolet rays in the sun will stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals, which will destroy the skin cell tissue, accelerate the oxidation reaction of melanin production, make the skin dark, rough and lose elasticity, and reduce the skin's resistance.

what are the "SPF foods" that can prevent sunscreen? The dermatologist recommends that you put the following foods on your diet list from now on.


can be said to be "eternal skin beautifying products". Almost every dermatologist will tell you to eat more high-c fruits and vegetables if you want to keep healthy, bright, non sunburn and aging skin.

[[editor's recommendation: 10 minutes a day to quickly whiten beyond your imagination]]

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