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The 12 little things in the morning make you as beautiful as you want

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"the plan of the day is in the morning". A busy morning may be the beginning of a good state or a bad starting point. Let the beauty of the day start in the morning and tell you about the 12 small things in the morning. You don't need to spend too much time and energy to accumulate your beauty index every day. Are you ready?

1. Consider the water temperature when washing your face.

if you want to strengthen your skin, wash your face with cold water; If you want to shrink pores, wash your face alternately with hot and cold water; However, if the skin has allergic symptoms early in the morning, you should choose warm water to wash your face and minimize skin irritation.


friendly tips: low foam or non foam facial cleanser is less irritating, and it is most suitable for allergic days.

2. A cup of job's tears water

in the morning is used to drinking honey water or milk. Today, I began to drink job's tears water, which can not only replenish water for the body, but also diuresis, reduce fire, detumescence and detoxification, and help purify the body's small environment.

friendly tips: Job's tears can also be boiled as mung beans and lilies, especially suitable for summer.

straighten your hair for 3.3 minutes

look at yourself in the mirror. Your hair is warped and not comfortable. You can spray along hair lotion or hair lotion. Five or six minutes of humidity is enough, and then blow it straight with a hair dryer. Your hair will become soft immediately in only 3 minutes.


friendly tips: if you find that your hair is warped after going out, the hand cream can also have the effect of no washing and moisturizing hair lotion, but pay attention to use it in a small amount to avoid sticking ash.

4. Wear hair curls and wash

natural curly hair like curls but not curls is a new fashion. After getting up, wear hair curls and wash again. Before going out, take off the curl and harvest a natural curl.


friendly tips: there are various self-adhesive hair curls on the Internet. Choosing different styles of hair curls can create more personalized and natural curls.

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