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The correct concept of whitening will lead you out of the misunderstanding of whitening

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smart, you should establish a correct concept of whitening. If you just blindly seek whitening and turn your face into a test field in the spirit of "Shennong tries hundreds of herbs", then be careful not to destroy your skin!

bad habit No.1: Crazy abuse of whitening and freckle removing products

many beauties blindly try all kinds of products that boast that they can whiten and freckle regardless of their skin quality. They have tried countless whitening and skin care products and failed to improve. The result can only add countless troubles to their skin. In fact, whitening should follow the individualized scheme. Different skin should be treated according to the case, and whitening and freckle removing products with different ingredients and effects should be selected. Recommended products of


: FANCL whitening and freckle Essence Mask


, ,


, FANCL, whitening and freckle essence mask,


reference price: the product of "Xing", "yuan" and "Qi". Fade the formed spots and freckles and remove free radicals. "Whitening and freckle Essence Mask" contains a rich beauty solution of 16ml. "Licorice ingredients" and "Aloe Vera essence" contact the skin quickly to repair, effectively calm the skin after ultraviolet radiation. The ingredients are smooth and smooth, so that the skin can feel the protection of the mask. It is specially designed to take care of your whitening needs. It can cover the eye skin at the same time, allowing you to completely repair the eyelid parts that are easy to be dull. If you want to move on when you apply the mask, you can turn the eye film part down to the position below, so that you can transform into a double whitening eye mask, double whitening and eye bags and the skin of the cheekbone part that the mask can not take care of.

recommended reason: effectively repair and calm the skin and give first aid to the skin quickly. Two uses meet the needs of eye skin.

[[editor's recommendation: diet to quickly restore whitening after tanning in summer]]


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