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The best way to protect skin at night

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if you can correctly and effectively do the maintenance and skin care work at night, you can ensure that your skin care can get twice the result with half the effort and achieve obvious results. So, here are 8 tips for night care.

massage the body of

after a hard day before going to bed. If you can relieve the muscle pressure, it will be a great enjoyment for the muscle and skin. We can apply massage oil or baby oil containing moisturizing ingredients to the body and slowly massage the areas where the muscles are stiff or prone to pain until the nursing solution is absorbed by the skin. After wiping, you can have a good sleep on the water and get up tomorrow morning.

prevention of neck wrinkles

hard work will not only have a certain impact on the spine, but also bring neck fine lines to betray your age. In order to prevent the appearance of neck lines, it is usually possible to apply moisturizing lotion or cream to the neck and gently massage, so that the neck skin can absorb enough nutrients to maintain moisture and elasticity, so that there will be no disgusting wrinkles.

take care of lips

lips are also the focus of night care. After talking for a day, it is inevitable that there will be slight wear on the lips. Therefore, the first step is to remove the dead skin from the lips, to rub lightly on the lips and massage with white sugar, or to wipe the lips with toothbrush while brushing your teeth. These can effectively remove dead skin, rinse clean with water, and apply lip balm to sleep.

hand moisturizing

hand moisturizing work is not enough only in winter. Hand skin that often touches various things is easy to be polluted and dry. In addition to a usual hand care solution, hand care before going to bed can moisturize hand skin all night and obtain double effect.

eye care

eyes are also important props for daily life and work, especially in work related to computers. After excessive use of computers and receiving too much radiation, the eyes are easy to become dry and even itchy. Therefore, MM who do this kind of work should pay attention to that every hour of work, it is best to let his eyes rest and drip eye drops to moisturize his eyes. In addition, you can put two used tea bags into the refrigerator for refrigeration, take them out, apply them on your eyelids, close your eyes and rest for a few minutes, which can relieve the skin of your eyes.

skin moisturizing

if you feel dry before going to bed, you can spray water containing lavender essential oil on your face and neck, which can moisturize dry skin and sleep. But be careful not to drink too much water before going to bed, otherwise your face will be swollen after getting up. If you are really thirsty, just drink a small glass of boiled water.

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