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Sunscreen is equally important in autumn

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in late summer and early autumn, many mm may feel that the temperature is slowly decreasing and the sunscreen work can be relaxed. In fact, it's a big mistake. Temperature and sunscreen are not the same concept. Sunscreen in autumn is even more important!

dead corner 1: hairline

reason: when applying sunscreen, you are afraid to wipe it on your hair, so you often can't completely cover the hairline with sunscreen. If exposed to the sun for a long time, it will lead to tanning near the hair line and facial contour.

solution: apply sunscreen more thoroughly and completely cover the hair line.

dead corner 2: eyebrow center

reason: the eyebrow center is located in the center of the T-zone of the face, and the skin is most prone to oil-water imbalance. When applying sunscreen, we often forget to cover the eyebrows with sunscreen because we should avoid around the eyes.

solution: when applying sunscreen, apply it separately at the center of the eyebrow each time.

dead corner 3: corner of the eye

reason: if you want to see through a person's physiological age, you can see how weak the skin in this part is, and it is most vulnerable to dry and wrinkle due to sunlight.

solution: use more sunscreen eye cream and apply it separately to cover the corners of the eyes.

dead corner 4: nose

reason: the nose is the most dense place of sebaceous glands in the whole body. Many mm are reluctant to apply sunscreen on the nose because they are afraid of oil, resulting in a red nose.

solution: apply sunscreen on your nose, but choose products for oily skin.

corner 5: lips

reason: many mm think that the lips do not need sunscreen.


solutions: experts point out that strong sunlight will lead to obvious wrinkles on the lips, making the lips dry and dull. In order to protect your lips from moist in the sun, please use sun lip balm.

dead angle six: behind the ear

reason: the most easily overlooked place, but in fact, ears and hair can not completely block the sun.

solution: when applying sunscreen, don't forget to give it behind your ears.

dead angle 7: neck

reason: like eyes, neck is also an important part to reveal age. Here skin connects face and body, which is very key and special. In summer, the neck is also easily sunburned.


solutions: use the neck sunscreen specially developed for neck skin. The application method is from bottom to top. Adhering to massage can also prevent horizontal lines and skin relaxation on the neck.

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