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13 foods to change dull skin

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in order to whiten, prepare to meet the powerful enemy - ultraviolet. In addition to doing enough external sunscreen, you can't ignore strengthening sunscreen from the "inside" and fully ingesting "SPF food", which can also improve the sun resistance, not black sister and small flower face.

food can also prevent sunscreen

why can food also prevent sunscreen? Dermatology research has found that ultraviolet rays in the sun will stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals, which will destroy the skin cell tissue, accelerate the oxidation reaction of melanin production, make the skin dark, rough and lose elasticity, and reduce the skin's resistance.

what are the "SPF foods" that can prevent sunscreen? The dermatologist recommends that you put the following foods on your diet list from now on.



can be said to be "eternal skin beautifying products". Almost every dermatologist will tell you to eat more high-c fruits and vegetables if you want to keep healthy, bright, not easy to sunburn and aging skin.


this is a good sunscreen food. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidant lycopene. Taking 16 mg of lycopene a day can reduce the risk factor of sunburn by 40%. Cooked tomatoes are better than raw ones.


lemon rich in vitamin C can promote metabolism, delay aging, whiten spots, shrink pores, soften cuticle and make skin shiny. According to research, lemon can reduce the incidence rate of skin cancer. The incidence rate of skin cancer can be reduced by 30% a week or so.


nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the skin. They can soften the skin from inside to outside, prevent wrinkles, moisturize and make the skin look younger. Vitamin E contained in nuts can not only reduce and prevent the production and deposition of lipofuscin in the skin, but also prevent acne.


scientific research has found that eating fish three times a week can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Eating fish for a long time can provide people with a natural protection similar to sunscreen and whiten their skin.

yellow red fruits and vegetables

red orange yellow fruits and vegetables, food and dark green leafy vegetables, such as carrots, mangoes, red and yellow tomatoes, papaya, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potato leaves and water spinach, mostly contain a large amount of carotene and other phytochemical substances, which help to resist oxidation and enhance skin resistance.

however, eating more is not beneficial, Excessive intake of fat soluble carotene will accumulate in the body. It is not only toxic, but also easy to make the skin look "yellow". After stopping eating, it will take some time to metabolize slowly. Dr. Hu Shuling reminded that it is not appropriate to eat too much.

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