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be vigilant! This skin care makes the skin worse and worse

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you will complain that the environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, the pressure of life and work is increasing, and the work and rest are becoming more and more irregular. All these make the skin more and more fragile and worse. In fact, it is not the external environment that causes your skin to deteriorate, but your own wrong skin care methods, Let the skin in trouble.

1. Never go out with makeup when your skin is itchy.

2, I heard that adult skin problems and stress related, so my face cream are selected love their own fragrance, hoping to ease their mood.

3. After taking a bath, dry your hair with a hair dryer before skin care.

4. Recently, I am keen to use the fruit acid soap with the function of "skin changing", which is used almost every day.


5, after washing the face, it is found that the foam of cleansing foam still remains near the hairline, so wipe it off with a towel.

6, hand pulled noodle surface is fine and smooth after use, so it is often used.

7. When taking a bath, wash your face directly with the hot water from the shower.

8, dislike rubbing bubbles with hands, so use foaming cotton (a special cleansing cotton for special purposes) to produce rich foam to wash your face.


9 and powder puff are changed only when they are bought for replacement.

10. If you feel that your skin is beginning to have allergic symptoms, immediately replace all the cosmetics you use now with sensitive skin series.


at first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with the above skin care methods, some of which seem quite exquisite, but in fact, each skin care method listed here will burden the skin and make you a "reserve team" for sensitive skin!

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