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Tips for making your face smoother and brighter

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How can

keep our skin tender and white forever? In fact, while daily skin care, too many problems may be ignored. It is these small hidden dangers that cause skin aging. Today, we introduce some tips in life to help you solve the small problems in your daily skin care. The first move of


: simply treat acne. Does


have acne problems? Go to the traditional Chinese medicine store to buy cassia seed and drink it after dinner every day. The pox will disappear the next day. It can also make your lower abdomen flat and lose weight!

second strokes: Milk Mask wrinkle and whitening

milk is rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals, with natural moisturizing effect, and easily absorbed by the skin, can prevent dry skin, and can repair dry lines, beauty effect is excellent, advocate natural beauty you may wish to try.


the third move: Lemon Bath makes the skin more white.


lemons are in the production period. The price is not expensive. They are not often purchased. On weekdays, cut them in half and squeeze them into juice, add cold boiled water and some sugar to drink! Don't discard the squeezed lemon peel temporarily. Put it in the bathroom. No matter washing and bathing, it will make the skin more tender and white! The fourth move of


: eat more whitening fruits


. The best way to improve the skin is to adjust from the internal diet. Fruit is the best tonic for the skin. It is strongly recommended that the fruits are fresh orange, apple, banana and cherry. The fifth move of


: replenish water frequently.


water is the source of life. Drinking more water can promote new metabolism, so as to detoxify and beautify your face and play a role in whitening.

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has a beautiful face, which is the dream of all women, but not every woman has such good congenital conditions. Don't worry. Teach you some beauty and skin care knowledge, Beauty can also be practiced! [[for more beauty and skin care knowledge, please go to: Beauty Channel]]

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