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This skin care will make your face rotten to the end

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use "illusion", we hide our shortcomings and create a beautiful atmosphere. Just, do you know that if you have a psychological illusion in the process of skin care, it's great. Look at the 16 skin care illusions listed here and ask yourself how many they account for.

1. Any soap will stimulate the skin: at present, there are many kinds of soap on the market, most of which contain moisturizing ingredients, which will not dry the skin as in the past. The bath soap launched by many companies is mild in nature and can also be used to clean the face.

2. Your skin care products should come from the same series: the key to the selection of skin care products depends on whether they are suitable for your skin. You don't have to stick to the same series of the same brand. You can use whatever you think is good!

3. If you don't make up, just use water to clean your skin: in fact, water can make your skin fresh and moist, but it can't clean your skin. Oil will adhere to the towel for washing your face. You need some cleansing products that can turn fat and decontaminate.

4. Skin desquamation is not a disease: people with oily skin wash or use shrink repair water excessively, which will cause the surface of the skin to be dry and appear to peel off. However, no matter what type of skin you have, desquamation along the hairline may be dermatitis, while desquamation on both sides of the nose may be eczema. If the skin continues to dry and desquamate, it is recommended that you see a doctor.

5. Anti wrinkle cream can remove wrinkles: what anti wrinkle cream can really do is nourish the skin, temporarily make the skin soft and smooth and recover fine lines. In addition to the greatest impact of time on the formation of wrinkles, UV is a fatal killer, so to delay aging, comprehensive sunscreen should be the best policy.

6. The skin is always not clean enough: many people believe that the more frequently the face is washed, the hotter the water temperature is, which is helpful to the skin. The result of doing so will only cause "plateau face" and make the skin dry and sensitive. In fact, washing once in the morning and once in the evening is enough.

7. Oily skin does not need moisturizing lotion: oily skin will also encounter dry problems, especially in air-conditioned rooms, so it also needs to be properly moisturized. Now there are many refreshing moisturizers, especially suitable for oily skin.

8. Natural skin care products are most suitable for sensitive skin: skin care products refined from plants and herbs are really good, but it is wrong to think they are most suitable for sensitive skin. Because you may be allergic to a chemical product, and you may be allergic to plant pollen.

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