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Autumn skin care tips

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       In autumn, the climate is dry, the air humidity is low, and it is difficult to avoid skin water loss. Therefore, special attention should be paid to supplement water to keep the skin moist. Therefore, timely replenishing sufficient skin moisture and preventing excessive skin loss are the most basic and primary skin care measures in women's beauty care.

       The first move to replenish water! The art of beauty is very simple: drink more water and cold water. If the secret of Lin Qingxia's beauty is to drink more water, then Italian film star Sofia · Roland's skin care is more specific, drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Maintaining a certain amount of drinking water can not only effectively improve the metabolism and blood circulation of the body and promote the excretion of metabolites in the body, but also adjust the pH value of the skin and maintain the stability of the sebum membrane. Therefore, do not wait for the thirsty body to attend the water shortage signal before thinking of drinking water.

       Drinking cold boiled water is the best for skin care and beauty. When the boiling water is naturally cooled to 20-25 ℃, the gas dissolved in the water will be reduced by half compared with that before boiling. The cohesion of the water increases, the molecular gap tends to be closer, and the surface tension increases. At this time, it is very close to the molecular structure of water in human cells and has high biological affinity, It is easy to penetrate into the skin tissue, which is conducive to supplement the lack of moisture in the skin.

       Water replenishment second move! With water, we have to retain water. The key is nutrition. Although some people often drink water, their skin is still very dry. The main reason is that the water storage function of the body is weak and can not hide water. Therefore, with water, we must retain it. The water storage function of the human body mainly depends on the crystal osmotic pressure composed of inorganic salts and the colloidal osmotic pressure composed of proteins. Therefore, in addition to drinking more water, we should also pay attention to the allocation of reasonable dietary nutrition structure, and supplement more foods rich in bone collagen, mucopolysaccharide, lecithin, vitamins and minerals, so as to improve the nutrition of the skin and enhance the water storage capacity of the skin. If the body fluid is seriously insufficient, you can also take traditional Chinese medicine decoction or paste to nourish yin and generate fluid, so as to supplement the deficiency of fluid and blood. You can boil raw land, American ginseng, maple bucket, Ophiopogon japonicus, Chinese wolfberry, white honey, donkey hide gelatin and other ointment, take it twice a day, 20ml each time.

       Among many therapeutic and medicinal diets, the soup has the best effect of nourishing body fluid with its unique cooking and eating methods. It has sufficient water and is cooked slowly with slow fire. Vitamins and trace elements are easy to dissolve and precipitate. Nitrogen-containing extracts such as amino acids, sarcoagulant protein and creatinine in meat also seep into the soup. Therefore, the soup tastes delicious and nutritious, and has excellent functions of nourishing yin and promoting fluid The role of skin care and beauty.

       The third way to replenish water! Spray water and oil to make the skin fresh and tender. In the face of dry autumn climate conditions, especially those who work and live in air-conditioned environment for a long time, in addition to drinking more water, put a basin of water or start an air humidifier in the room to increase the indoor humidity, and spray water on the skin every few hours to keep the skin in a relatively humid state.

       For the maintenance of autumn skin, we should first adhere to replenishing water. We can use water-based skin care products such as nutritional water, honey, milk, ice crystal, Zhili and so on. Because such skin care products mostly contain amino acids, urea, vitamins, natural plant extracts and other nutritional and moisturizing ingredients, and are mainly in aqueous phase structure, which is convenient for skin penetration and absorption, so as to increase and improve skin water content.

       Secondly, some cold cream skin care products with high oil content can also be appropriately selected. Although they can not directly supplement the moisture in the skin, they can reduce the volatilization of moisture on the skin surface.

       The fourth move to replenish water! In daily life, people often pay more attention to the care and maintenance of facial skin, but often ignore the care and maintenance of other parts of the body. For example, in the whole body skin, the eye skin is the most delicate, very prone to water shortage and dryness, so special care should be given. On the other hand, because the hands and feet are far away from the heart and the blood circulation is relatively weak, the skin of the limbs is drier and needs maintenance. Bathing is a good means of whole-body skin care and beauty. Since the era of Cleopatra and Princess Nile, humans have used bathing to care for their skin. Queen Cleopatra once bathed with donkey milk to whiten and tender her skin. Bathing can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the body, increase the secretion of sebum and water, if combined with the nutrition of the skin, it can also soften the aging skin and prevent the roughness and aging of the skin. When bathing, the general water temperature should be controlled below 37 ℃, and the time should not exceed 20 minutes. If the water temperature is too high and the time is too long, it is easy to dissolve lipids on the skin surface, resulting in water volatilization.

         After the bath, plant essential oil is used for whole-body skin massage. On the one hand, the application can seal and hide the water on the skin surface. On the other hand, manual massage can eliminate nerve tension, promote blood and lymphatic circulation and make the skin full of vitality. Lack of sleep in modern women is one of the important reasons for skin water loss, so in a sense, adequate sleep is more important than simply replenishing water from the outside. The whole body essential oil massage can also adjust mood, improve sleep and contribute to physical and mental health. Juniper or citrus essential oils can be used for oily skin, and spring, lavender or jasmine oil can be used for dry skin.

       Autumn skin care and moisturizing tips: 1. 55g baking soda, 0.5kg honey, 1.5L milk powder, 120g salt. When using, first dissolve baking soda and salt into 612g warm water, transfer the milk powder into milk juice (or directly use milk), and then add honey. When using, first pour the mixed solution of baking soda and salt into the bathtub, and then pour the mixed solution of milk and honey. 2: When in use, pour 0.5kg of cereal directly into the bathtub, or make a cloth bag with fine cotton cloth, put the cereal into the bag and immerse it in the bathtub water. 3、 Mix an egg yolk with 100g cream or fresh sour milk oil, add a tablespoon of brandy, and finally add the juice of half a lemon. Stir and pour into the bathtub.

[[editor's recommendation: to deal with dry and moisturizing in autumn, wash your face sooner or later]]

       Having a beautiful face is the dream of all women, but not every womanWith such good congenital conditions, don't worry. Teach you some beauty and skin care knowledge. Beauty can also be practiced! [[for more beauty and skin care knowledge, please go to: Beauty Channel]]

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