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Four Misunderstandings of skin care in summer and Autumn

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        Sunscreen in summer and moisturizing in autumn. Mm is in a hurry to replace skin care products in late summer and early autumn, but do you really need to replace a full set of skin care products immediately? Or should we take advantage of this time to enter the whitening maintenance immediately? Can the unused products be stored in the refrigerator? In fact, what you need most is to update your seasonal skin care knowledge immediately to avoid falling into the misunderstanding of hurting your skin. Misunderstanding 1 of


: quickly enter the whitening and maintenance


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whitening and thermal insulation


in summer, the sun is fierce, and the skin still becomes black and heavy. Many mm can't wait to enter the deep whitening treatment when the seasons change in summer and autumn. In fact, this is incorrect. In autumn, both humidity and temperature drop. If skin is sunburned in summer, or due to excessive oil secretion, resulting in imbalance of oil and water, even inducing serious acne and sensitive skin, it is necessary to calm the skin first, so as to relieve inflammation and relieve inflammation. Spray spray, do not use excessive strength to cause skin irritation once again, and then do some simple moisturizing. Wait until the skin returns to a stable state, and then use whitening products. Otherwise, poor skin state will also affect the whitening effect.

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