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The most complete 26 milk beauty methods in history

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  We all know that milk plays a very important role in beauty and skin care. It can whiten, tighten the skin, replenish water and moisturize a series of skin care functions, so that milk has a high position in DIY skin care. Today, let's seriously read the ways DIY uses milk! Let your skin be as white, thorough and beautiful as milk!

1. Vitamin E yogurt face protection

use 400 international units of vitamin E, pour it into an empty bowl, add two tablespoons of yogurt, half a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice, mix well, and apply it thickly on your face. After about 15 minutes, wash with water, which will make people's face clean, white and tender. Because gently massage with yogurt containing active lactic acid bacteria can go deep into the skin and completely remove the dirt from the pores.

2, yogurt banana mask


bananas half, smashed into mud, mixed with appropriate amount of yogurt, paste into paste, apply to the face, maintain 15~20 minutes later, wash with water. This method can make the skin fresh and smooth, and remove facial acne and freckles.

3, yogurt cream mask wrinkle


yogurt, cream equal parts, mix thoroughly and then apply to the noodles, keep for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. This method has astringent effect. Long term persistence can eliminate wrinkles on facial skin and lubricate skin. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly women or pregnant women with more facial wrinkles.


4, yogurt mask


yogurt can be directly applied to facial beauty, because it has skin adjustment and health care function, yogurt mask can also make skin whitening. The method is to use half a cup of yoghurt, 2 pieces of lemon with skin and half an orange with skin. Put the three raw materials together, stir, pat and smear them on the face, keep them for 20 minutes and wash them off with water.

5. Yogurt honey lemon skin

yogurt, honey and lemon juice 100 mg each, add 5 vitamin E, mix well, apply on the face, keep for 15 minutes, and then wash. This method can make the dead cells on the epidermis fall off and promote the growth of new cells, so as to achieve the purpose of skin fitness.

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