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You can eat 4 kinds of whitening meals with white skin in 5 minutes

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whitening can not only rely on external maintenance. In fact, many times, beauty food is used to fully improve the internal environment of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of whitening. In the big family of food, some ingredients naturally have very magical whitening effects. If cooked skillfully, they can not only meet your whitening needs, but also meet the needs of your taste buds. Today, let's enjoy the man Han feast of whitening. In the future, pay attention to the skin whitening meal.

appetizer [whitening and sunscreen salad]

materials: 2 slices of cheese, 2 large tomatoes, 2 cooked proteins, 6 slices of lettuce and half an onion.

ingredients: salad dressing


1. Cut tomato into pieces, cheese slices and cooked protein into 8 parts respectively, and put them on the plate together.

2. Slice the onion, mix the salad dressing with the lettuce, and put it on the plate. Efficacy of


: Although this is a common vegetable salad, its whitening effect is not generally high. Tomato in salad is slightly cold and tastes sweet and sour. It not only has skin beautifying effect in general sense, but also contains a kind of glutathione, which can inhibit the activity of tyrosine and reduce or disappear the precipitated pigment; The benefits of cooked protein and protein in cheese slices for whitening are well known. In the sunny spring, this delicious salad can not only enhance the skin's antioxidation, gradually reduce the small sunburn on the skin, but also have a super sunscreen effect to make your whitening effect remarkable; And the heat is very low, which will never affect your plan!

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