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Avoid these "stupid actions" when your skin is wet in winter

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why does my skin still "dry" and lifeless after so much "moisturizing" work? I believe many mm will have such confusion. This is especially true in winter. MM people think they have added enough moisture to their skin, but they never thought that their moisturizing action is really correct...


and "moisturizing" are definitely the key words of winter maintenance. The climate is dry, and the skin is always hungry and thirsty. Mm will spend a lot of effort to "moisturize" the skin. However, do mm know that moisturizing is also a university question. If you are not careful, you may do "stupid things", lose your wife and lose your soldiers!

1. Hard moisturizing is ineffective. You may have made these mistakes.

even if you drink more than eight glasses of water a day, you still feel that your skin is not tender enough? In fact, drinking water is difficult to directly improve the condition of our skin. Although the surface skin cannot get moisture directly from the inside of the body, at the bottom of the skin, there is a continuous flow of water to the surface all the time. For healthy skin, the source of water is like a spring with abundant energy. Maintain the energy of water source and do a good job of internal and external cooperation to ensure that the skin is moist and smooth.

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