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Nine simple tips for skin care in winter

DailyBird Cosmetology 2021-09-30 3 0

I remember a skin care expert said that the simpler the skin care method, the easier it is to adhere to. I think the beauty loving mm have their own personal experience. Here, Aimei Xiaobian introduces jiuzhong's simple winter care tips, hoping to help your sisters!

simple treatment of acne

do you have acne problems? Go to the traditional Chinese medicine store to buy cassia seed and drink it after dinner every day. The pox will disappear the next day. It can also make your lower abdomen flat and lose weight!


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has a beautiful face, this is all women's dream, but not every woman has such a good congenital condition, do not worry. Teach you some beauty and skin care knowledge, beauty can also be practiced! [[for more beauty and skin care knowledge, please go to: Beauty Channel]]

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