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How to protect dry skin in winter

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       How should dry skin be cared for? Here, let's list the key points of skin care in winter!

1. Take care of

- water deficient dry skin

according to the characteristics of different types of dry skin 1. Overview: some people with this kind of skin don't know they belong to dry skin at all, because they have no problems with their sebaceous glands, Only due to improper care or other reasons, the skin is extremely short of water. The internal moisture of the skin and sebum lose balance, resulting in feedback stimulation of the skin and increased secretion of sebaceous glands, resulting in a situation of "external oil and internal dryness".

2. Nursing key: replenishing water - many people blindly control oil when they see their oily face. In fact, water deficient dry skin is most taboo to use strong oil control products and oil absorbing paper. Because these two things can only be degreased temporarily, without the protection of oil on the face, the sebaceous glands began to work frantically again, and soon, the oily light reappeared. Hydrating is the skin care principle for dry skin with water shortage. As long as the skin is not short of water, the gloss will naturally disappear.

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