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How to take a bath in winter to beautify your skin

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the skin is dry and dry in winter, and it needs to be cleaned irregularly. Bathing in winter is also different from summer. It may not be a daily homework. However, once implemented, we should be cautious. It should be noted that the maintenance during and after bathing should not be underestimated! Don't gossip. Come and see how to bathe beautiful skin with Xiaobian!




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STEP1 clean:


. Generally, the beauty of the best use liquid soap with mild nature. If the arm skin is especially dry, you can choose the bath lotion containing moisturizing lotion. As long as the shower gel is squeezed on the sponge, after the sponge is frothing, gently move from the upper arm to the lower arm, then turn around the elbow to wipe it, and then rinse it with warm water.

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