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Winter maintenance method for external oil and internal dry skin

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dry oily skin is a kind of skin with more oil and less water. It is mostly caused by improper care of oily skin and excessive cleaning without paying attention to moisturizing. The skin surface is dry and rough, but it is actually greasy; Large pores and uneven skin texture. The skin not only has acne and blisters due to more oil, but also is prone to small wrinkles due to lack of water. It is a kind of difficult to deal with. In terms of nursing, we should not only strengthen the cleaning of this skin, remove the oil and dirt in the deep pores, but also pay attention to moisturizing and give a lot of moisture to the skin. The conditioning of this kind of skin needs both inside and outside to improve the imbalance of water and oil in an all-round way.

internal regulation

1. Living regularly, especially ensuring sufficient sleep time, is a necessary condition for beauty.

2. Our body's water is mainly met by drinking water directly. In order to ensure the water balance in the body, in addition to obtaining water from food, we should drink at least 6 ~ 8 cups of boiled water every day, but drinks, milk and wine can not be included.

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